CE4+ Clearomiser

CE4+ Clearomiser



CE4+ Clearomiser

We are no Longer stocking this product!

We recommend the EVOD – Available HERE

 The CE4+ Rebuildable Clearomiser is designed to work with any eGo batteries, as well as other mods.

The CE4+ Clearomiser is completely sealed by “O” rings at the mouthpiece and at the bottom fixing, reducing the chance of any leakage.

Replaceable coil and wick insert – keeps costs down, just replace the coil and wick head when required, not the whole unit.

Replacement heads are available here 

Easy fill system – can be filled directly from your juice bottle, just tilt and fill up to a max of  about 1.6ml.

    Mouthpiece is screwed down for a complete seal.

    Completely sealed at the base, will not leak.

 coil design, with Long wicks. We would advise “breaking in” for the first few minutes when vaping; this makes them more durable and provides longer lasting performance.

    The CE4+ Cleromisers come with some primer e-liquid already soaked into the wicks, this ensures the cartomiser doesn’t burn on first use until the wicks become saturated with your own flavoured e-liquid. Therefore on first use you may find the flavour will be a little muted just for a few “draws”, until your own e-liquid soaks into the wicks.

Do not overtighten the drip tip,or tighten the cleromiser onto the battery! This is usually the reason for leaks.


Atomisers, Cartomisers and Clearomisers are sold as disposable products and fall outside of our normal 21 day warranty.
Please ensure that you check your cartomiser/clearomiser/cartridge as soon as you receive it.

Any issues or faults must be notified to us within 48 hours of receipt.

Please be advised that some flavours / liquids are not suitable for polycarbonate tanks / cartomisers and may cause cracking. Cracking caused by using unsuitable liquids is not covered under warranty.

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