E-Liquid Recipes using Capella Flavourings, available from The Alchemists Cupboard

Capella Flavourings are very versatile and can be used to make some absolutely stunning and top quality E- Liquids.

Everyone’s taste is different, and what may be a strong flavour to one person may not be so strong to another, in addition some flavours are inherently stronger than others.

We have therefore decided not to produce “an idiots guide”to what % of each flavour to use, but instead publish here some of the favourite and most used recipes from people who make their own E-Liquid using Capella.

These recipes are not set in stone, and you may want to tinker, adjust or develop them more, they do however provide (at the very least) a good starting point.

If you have a recipe that you wish to be considered for inclusion, please e-mail it here.

So, in no set order, and without taking any credit for them, below are some of the best ones we have found on our travels:-

*Please Remember> We advise 3-4 Weeks steeping period on all liquids

Perpetua’s Vanilla Custard (PVC)
To make (aprox) 10ml:- Add 2.0ml of Capella Vanilla Custard, 0.5ml of French Vanilla, 2 drops of sweetener, to 7.5ml of your preferred VG/PG/Nic mix.

Skwoddy’s Choccy Mintoffee 
Tastes like Wer**ers Original Toffees with a yummy chocolate and mellow coolmint added.
To make 10ml:- Add 1.4ml of Capella Milk Chocolate Toffee and 0.6ml of Capella Cool Mint to 8ml of your preferred VG/PG/Nic mix.

Skwoddy’s Gingerbread Brulee 
To make 20ml:- Add 2.5ml of Capella Vanilla Custard, 2.5ml of Capella Gingerbread, 1ml Flavourart Caramel, 1ml Bravarian Cream and 5drops of Ethyl Maltol to 13ml of your preferred VG/PG/Nic mix.

Skwoddy’s Ambrosia 
To make 10ml:- Add 2.5ml of Capella Vanilla Custard, 0.4ml of Ethyl Maltol, to7.1ml of your preferred VG/PG/Nicmix.

Steve 386’s Vanilla & Banana Custard 
To make 10ml:- Add 2ml of Capella Vanilla Custard and 2ml of Capella Banana to6ml of your preferred VG/PG/Nic mix.

Vinhaler’s Custard & Apple Pie 
To make 10ml:- Add 1ml of Capella Vanilla Custard, 0.7ml of Capella Cake Batter and 0.5ml of Capella Green Apple to 7.8ml of your preferred VG/PG/Nicmix.

Dee’s Lemon & Lime 
To make 10ml:- Add 1.66ml of Capella Lemon & Lime, to 8.34ml of your preferred VG/PG/Nic mix.

Hoosier’s Blueberry Muffin
To make 10ml:- Add 1.6ml of Capella Blueberry and 0.4ml of Capella Cinnamon Danish Swirl to 8.ml of your preferred VG/PG/Nic mix. let steep.

Park Avenue Vanilla Cheescake
To make 10ml:- Add 1.0ml of Capella New York Cheescake and 0.5ml of Capella French Vanilla to 8.5ml of your preferred VG/PG/Nic mix.

Banana, Strawberry Cream
To make 10ml:- Add 1.0ml of Capella Banana and 0.5ml of Capella Strawberries & Cream to 8.5ml of your preferred VG/PG/Nic mix.

Oreo Cookie 
To make 10ml:- Add 1.6ml of Capella Double Chocolate, 0.4ml of Capella Vanilla Custard and 0.1ml of Capella Peppermint to 7.9ml of your preferred VG/PG/Nic mix. Allow to steep.

Strawberry Cheescake 
To make 10ml:- Add 1.4ml of Capella New York Cheesecake, 0.8ml of Capella Sweet Strawberry, 0.15ml of Capella Marshmallow, 0.2mlLemon Juice and  0.2mlof Ethyl Maltol to 7.25ml of your preferred VG/PG/Nic mix.

Creamy Vanilla Almond 
To make 10ml:- Add 1.5ml of Capella Vanilla Custard, 0.5ml of Capella Almond, and0.1ml of Ethyl Maltol to  7.9ml of your preferred VG/PG/Nic mix.Allow to steep.

Rich Chocolate Fudge Brownie 
To make 10ml:- Add 2.1ml of Capella Chocolate Fudge Brownie, 0.2ml of Capella Almond, and 0.2ml of Ethyl Maltol to  7.5ml of your preferred VG/PG/Nic mix. Allow to steep.

Apple Pie 
To make 10ml:- Add 1.5ml of Capella Apple Pie, 0.3ml of Capella Green Apple,and 0.2mlof Ethyl Maltol to  8.0ml of your preferred VG/PG/Nicmix.

Peach Melba
To make 10ml:- Add 0.9ml of Capella Peaches & Cream, 0.2ml of Capella French Vanilla,0.3ml of Capella Vanilla Custard and 0.3ml of Capella Raspberry to 8.3ml of your preferred VG/PG/Nicmix.

Butter Mint
To make 10ml:- Add 0.9ml of Capella Vanilla Custard, 0.3ml of Capella Butter, and 0.3mlof Capella Peppermint to 8.5ml of your preferred VG/PG/Nicmix. Allow to steep.

Creamy Strawberry Waffle
To make 10ml:- Add 1.0ml of Capella Waffle Flavour and 0.5ml of Capella Strawberries & Cream, to 8.5ml of your preferred VG/PG/Nicmix. Allow to steep.

Minty Mochaccino
To make 10ml:- Add 0.5ml of Capella Peppermint and 0.5ml of Capella Cappuccino with 0.5ml of Capella Double Chocolate to 8.5ml of your preferred VG/PG/Nic mix.

Jucy Sweet Watermelon
To make 10ml:- Add 2.5ml of Capella Sweet Watermelon and 0.2ml of Ethyl Maltol to 7.3ml of your preferred VG/PG/Nic mix.

Very Berry
To make 10ml:- Add 2.5ml of Capella Harvest Berry and 0.4ml of Capella Sweet Strawberry to 7.1ml of your preferred VG/PG/Nic mix. If you want it sweeter, add a couple of drops of sweetener…

Cuban Haze
To make 10ml:- Add 0.7ml of Capella Coconut, 0.4ml of Capella Hazelnut,with0.2ml Capella Bold Tobacco and 0.2ml of Capella Vanilla Custard finally add 8.5mlof your preferred VG/PG/Nic mix. Add a couple of drops of Ethyl Maltol / sweetener…