Grapesicle One-Shot Concentrate (30ml)

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A sumptuous Grape Ice Lolly created by Fran Rarity.

This product is a flavour concentrate and should not be vaped alone.

Recommended Mix: 13.25%

Recommended Steep: 5 day steep.

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The Monster Shots collection started with a group of mixers who wanted to share their creations with each other and other members of the community. Fran created the first 6 Monster Shots with full blessing of all recipe creators and he gives full credit to each and every one of them.

The 1st batch of 60 shots sold within a day and it was deicide that another batch was to be created. And again. And again. More and more members of the community wanted to be involved and were sending recipes for testing and approval. We now have 10 Monster Shots and hope to grow the line again.

There-in lies the creating and birth of the soon to be famous Monster Shots.

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1 review for Grapesicle One-Shot Concentrate (30ml)

  1. Lee

    Was ok mixed at the recommended 13% but found it a lot lot better mixed at 20% where you get a good strong grape vape with a nice cool blast. pretty much shake and vape.
    I do wish the alchemist would create a nice grape flavour as everything else he makes is bob on.

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