Smackers One Shot Concentrate

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A wobbly sweet jelly topped with yummy Proper Custard




Money Shot concentrates have been uniquely crafted and formulated for the home brewer, to create a deliciously perfect e-liquid to the levels of the professionals, for just a fraction of the cost.

Our complex ‘One Shot’ concentrates are designed for usage between 15-25%

(Subjective to preferential levels of taste).

Suitable both for High VG mixes & conventional 50/50 mixes (or anywhere in-between)

We advise for a 2-3 weeks steeping process on all Money Shot Concentrates, but appreciate that some fruits types may be suitable sooner, with the opposite applying to creamier, dessert custard types.

All flavours are Mono-Propylene Glycol (PG) based and are originally designed and suited for use in the genetic make-up of E-liquids.


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Weight 0.05 kg
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100ml Stack-Shot, 30ml

9 reviews for Smackers One Shot Concentrate

  1. Dan rider

    Tastes so real! Rolls back the years, so much so I had to make some real jelly n custard to satisfy my cravings! Went back to vaping after eating and couldn’t tell the difference! Crazy good!!

  2. Howard

    A really good custard with a subtle fruit twist. Can’t get enough of it. Mixed at 20% with a 4 week steep. Beats any other custard I’ve tried.

  3. Nik Cann

    The custard used in this flavour is the best I’ve tasted. Be patient and let it steep for a good few weeks and you will be amazed. Had a 30ml, now onto a 100ml bottle – can’t get enough of it!

  4. Dean Thwaites

    Do not buy another custard flavour until you have tried this. A very different take on custard.
    If you’re tired of strawberry, raspberry or whatever generic flavoured custard is currently doing the rounds! You will love this. It’s Jelly n Custard just as you remember from school. It’s hard to pick one fruit out, it’s just ridiculously good all round. Mixed at 22% I Found it best at around 5 weeks of steeping, but I also enjoyed it in the early weeks. Custards generally take ages to steep, but this has so much to offer at every stage. Not even after 10 weeks did I feel the custard overpowered the jelly taste, always very equal. Top quality custard, hats off guys, you’ve nailed this!

  5. Richard

    There’s no doubting this is jelly & custard flavour, what flavour jelly I’m still to find out…. all I know is that I cant put it down. Brilliant flavour. mixed at 20% and it took 3 weeks to steep… its only lasted me 72 hours and i need more in my life… now!! 5*

  6. Joel

    You wont believe it until you try it…. its Jelly n Custard bang on. 5*

  7. Daniel Godsow

    Brilliant One Shot.
    I never thought it would taste like jelly & custard as much as it does. Very moreish and very satisfying. Service from these guys is always on point.

  8. Jean

    A great flavour, that does excatly what it says on the tin. 5*

  9. Carl B

    Really good flavour. The custard element is very tasty but is very well complimented by the undertone of the jelly. A welcomed break from plain custard vape.

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