Wonga One Shot Concentrate

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A wonderfully refreshing Blueberry lemonade



A wonderfully refreshing Blueberry lemonade

Money Shot concentrates have been uniquely crafted and formulated for the home brewer, to create a deliciously perfect e-liquid to the levels of the professionals, for just a fraction of the cost.

Our complex ‘One Shot’ concentrates are designed for usage between 15-25%

(Subjective to preferential levels of taste).

Suitable both for High VG mixes & conventional 50/50 mixes (or anywhere in-between)

We advise for a 2-3 weeks steeping process on all Money Shot Concentrates, but appreciate that some fruits types may be suitable sooner, with the opposite applying to creamier, dessert custard types.

All flavours are Mono-Propylene Glycol (PG) based and are originally designed and suited for use in the genetic make-up of E-liquids.


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100ml Stack-Shot, 30ml

5 reviews for Wonga One Shot Concentrate

  1. Richard Gayle

    Brilliant flavouring. Love the blueberry twist to the lemonade. Very refreshing and smooth unlike other lemonade flavourings! Highly recommended.

  2. Sylvia Gallagher

    This flavour is truly stunning, brought it for my sister but after smelling it I just had to have a sneaky try, hands down the best lemonade i have tried. The blueberry blush makes this spectacular. Please do more versions! Oh, and my sister never got the liquid, but I did tell her how nice it was. May get her a bottle now I’m back for more. Outstanding flavour!

  3. Simon Rivers

    Tried a few lemonades and the blueberry twist is defiantly a winner and makes this a stand out juice for me. Very refreshing and very hard to put down. Mixed at 20% offers supurb flavour. Lemonade is the main flavour with a background blueberry note. Always weary with new one-shots but now looking to order the full range I’m that impressed.

  4. Dom stoneman

    Amazing!! Been making my own for 2 years, Tried many lemonade flavours in my time, all had a generic bitter taste. This is by far the finest Lemonade liquid I have come across, another level in fact.
    the subtle blueberry touch, makes for a delightful refreshing Vape. Perfect balance of lemonade, not harsh in the slightest like most lemon flavours. First flavour I have bought from this company, now ordering more Money Shots, my mouth is salvating at the description of Bunce and Nicker. Will be recommending this flavour to the forums I frequent.

  5. P. Smith

    My new all day Vape. Having got bored of grandmas lemonade, this was recommend to me and I’m so glad I gave it go. You can appreciate the craftmanship in this juice. Not the same lemonade used in other juices, an original take, wouldn’t say it’s overly fizzy, but a good traditional type, with a handful of blueberrys squashed into the mix. Mixed at 20% I found it to be brilliant, faded slightly towards 3 weeks, made the second batch at 22% and I’ve found this to be the perfect ratio (for me) 4 weeks in no fading of flavour. I find it can be slightly raspy on the throat when first made and smoothens out considerably around 7-10 days. I also breath my juices for 24 hours when made. All in all top quality one-shot. You’ll struggle to find a better lemonade type juice I can assure you.

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