Menthol Concentrate

Menthol Concentrate



Menthol Concentrate

Menthol Concentrate 10ml/30ml Bottle Menthol Concentrate can be used when a menthol flavour and cooling effect is required for any DIY made liquid.

This Concentrate should only be used as an additive when mixed with other components, it is not intended to be Vaped neat.

The concentrate can also be used to add a flavour to premade e-liquids if required. (often used to rescue an unusable or unliked e-liquid)
Menthol Concentrate

Made from the finest Premium grade Menthol Crystals, dissolved in UK Pharma sourced PG.

Suggested dosage is just 5 drops per 10ml so it will last a long time, but you can increase the dosage if a stronger menthol flavour or colder effect is required.
Warning Sign
Use sparingly and with caution as it is very strong!

Clean surfaces and preperation areas well before and after use. Keep away from eyes, children, pets, etc, wash hands after use.

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10ml, 30ml


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