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4 out of 5

The EJuice is a darker caramel colour, which usually to me I associate with “Sickly sweet” “Deep chocolate” and that sort of thing. This is not that. The smell of the liquid itself is shockingly accurate. Good hit of rhubarb (Not overly sweet, not overly bitter) with a hint of the vanilla in the custard associated with it. However you can describe a “Crumble” as smelling, it gets that too. It’s amazing how authentic it is. From a vape standpoint, you get a really solid amount of vapor from this, and the taste is very well balanced. It’s not overly “In your face” with any single component (Nothing is screaming “DON’T LISTEN TO THEM, I’M CUSTARD!!!”). And as you let the vape linger in your mouth a bit you taste and feel each part of it. Considering there’s a LOT that could be done wrong making an Eliquid like this, I’d consider coming up with one as well balanced as this a great accomplishment. Only thing worth mentioning – the flavours are delicate, so if you pop open a bottle after vaping a days worth of Licorice Menthol, things may seem a bit quiet. Will be very interesting to see how this develops as it steeps. You could easily use this as an “All day vape”, it’s not too sweet, but it really is best enjoyed when you’re sitting back and watching the telly by a nice warm fireplace. I don’t see this being the best liquid if you’re going on a big pub night. I see the spirits/hops completely blowing away your tastebuds, and therefor this would se

5 out of 5

Just wanted to congratulate the alchemist on his profound exactness when producing his juices. After trying the Coconut Caramel with Hazelnut Honey straight out of the packaging (no Steeping, I was too excited to try it) I was hooked. It took enormous amounts of effort to put it away and let it steep for a week before I could enjoy it at its fullest and most flavorsome, but how excited I was. As the required time was passing my anticipation was mounting and boy it didn’t let me down. This flavour is the BOMB. I keep filling my clearomisers with my other flavours but always, ALWAYS ended up coming back to this at the end of the day. I am trying NOT to make it my all day vape as I want it to last longer but find I am rapidly losing that battle, so another order is imminent. I stated about the alchemists “exactness”. What I mean, is that his flavours produce the exact result you expect from the product name and description. The “Mint Chocolate Chip” is another I received with my order and whilst I have only had a small taste , it blew me away, you would not get more pleasure from eating the real thing. and I am eagerly awaiting the completion of the steeping process, ( my mouth is watering as i am writing this review and thinking of the “Mint Choc Chip” it should be ready tomorrow!) While I have only tried two so far, as I am a relatively new customer, I have tried a few other suppliers and to date, there is not one out there that I have found yet, that can match the flavour