Mango Ice Concentrate


Mango Ice is a perfectly balanced blend of Mango’s that delivers a fresh mango juice like taste with a cold sensation, Refreshing and fruity Mango Ice is a perfect all year round vape.


Mango Ice One-Shot, E-Liquid Concentrate flavouring.

Mango Ice is a perfectly balanced blend of Mango’s that delivers a fresh mango juice like taste with a cold sensation that very much resembles the cool wash you get from a ice cold drink. Refreshing and fruity Mango Ice is a perfect all year round vape.

This is a juice which we developed over the summer & it soon became a firm favourite with the team of wizards who work in our cupboard. A complex blend of Mangos are the main focus and delivers the WOW factor to this juice, but Cold, Icy liquids are not easy to perfect, often the coldness transforms into a menthol like taste which ultimately overpowers the predominant flavour, perfection is key to deliver the right balance, which the Alchemist has aced with this juice.


The Alchemist’s Tip –  Mix at 18% – Steep for 10 Days

We would suggest between 15% and 25% as a guide percentage across the range, but strength of flavour is always at the users preference.

All Alchemists Cupboard Deluxe Concentrates are PG based and intended for the home user.

Please read the mixing guide available here


Artificial & Natural Flavours, Mono-Propylene Glycol.


  • This is a concentrated flavouring to be mixed in a DIY E-Liquid. It is not to be vaped without diluting.

There can be noticeable colour differences between different batches of the same flavour. This is a natural result of the flavour manufacturing process.

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Weight 0.05 kg
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50ml, 100ml

10 reviews for Mango Ice Concentrate

  1. David

    WOW!!! This liquid is crazy good. Lots of delicious Mango flavour with a smooth cool hit. The taste lingers beautifully for some time and is a real sunshine vape.

  2. Rennie

    Seriously good, loads of flavour – mixed at 20%. Sweet mango juice with a nice cool hit is what I would describe it as… and its bloody lovely.

  3. Steffi

    beautiful juice that is very refreshing & perfectly sweet. mixed this at 15% and it gives plenty of flavour, pretty much a shake and vape.

  4. Gina

    Only mixed this at 15% and its full of flavour after only 2 days steeping. Ever so refreshing along with a beautiful Icey mango flavour that lingers. 5/5

  5. Rachel

    The most authentic flavour yet. This smells and tastes exactly like fresh Mango ice drink. Love it.

  6. Darren Gordon

    This stuff is straight up lovely! Juicy Mango hit with a decent hit of cool/ice behind it! Mixed at 20% and the flavour was massive, it was also pretty much a shake and vape, just left it over night to settle out. did get a little smoother after a couple more days but id happily vape this right off the mixing desk. Highly Recommended

  7. Sue1122

    Love this flavour, fruity, very cool and very very refreshing. mixed at 20% this is pretty full on flavour.

  8. TonyVapes123

    Wanted a cool fruity flavour for my holiday, went with Mango Ice and utterly enjoyed every drop, gutted i only got 50ml, at 20% this made me 250ml, bummer was that i run out after 11 days and was distraught that my remaining 3 days was spent with my back up custard juice, which was no where near as nice in 35 degree heat as the Mango flavour. Wont be making the same mistake next time, 200ml just ordered for summer! 5*

  9. Jillian

    i Really like the mango flavour itself, but the coolness is to much for me. Wouldn’t buy this again, but would if it was just the mango without the ice.

  10. Lee

    Fantastic, Really great fresh mango flavour that is not over sweet. Good chilly exhale from the koolada but again not overcooked. Really tasty, high quality flavouring. 5*

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